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I guess I still haven't told anyone my back story in one piece, have I? Oh well

It all started when I was a normal girl, and I had blue eyes and light brown hair. I could make plants grow and live forever. Unfortunately, one girl hated me for how happy and perfect I was all the time, she's Dail. I don't know what the hell she is, some sort of monster I guess. Anyway, one day I was minding my own business and walking around with my brother To-... Piction. As we were playing Dail showed up and smirked  at us, before proceeding to attack me. I defended Piction, as a big sister should, before Dail hit me in the back of my head. I stumbled, and as I turned round, I heard my brother scream and there was a flash of white light, before I opened my eyes to see Piction as a little crow.

Instead of fighting, I went to go and check Piction was okay, like my stupid instincts were telling me. As I checked him, Dail left. I scooped him up in my hands and carried him home. My parents were so distressed, they thought I'd done it. From then on I just couldn't look at my brother again, not in the same way. I was walking out, and doing my best to keep smiling, as I turned down an alleyway, I was stopped by some men in black suits.

“Hello there gentlemen.”

I waved, intrigued, slightly intimidated and just a little bit scared.

“Are you Thorn?”

“Yes... How do you know my nickname? Are you stalking me!?”

I turned and tried to run, but one of the men grabbed my arms and pulled me back.

“Get off me!”

I shouted to try and get some people's attention, I screamed as he hit me on the head. I blacked out, then woke up again on an operating table. A doctor walked up to me, he looked amazed at me, I shot a glare at him, but my eyes widened so I looked a little scared.

“Do not worry Thorn, we are only protecting the world from you.”

He slowly put a syringe near my arm and proceeded to inject me with some strange black liquid. I closed my eyes tightly, a soaring pain surged through my whole body, my skin turning pale and my blood and hair black. I opened my eyes, gasping, they were pitch black too. He then put a rose in front of my nose, I stared at it, trying to make it grow and help me, but it only wilted and died, turning instantly to a black colour. My vision went hazy, my head hurt, but I heard the doctor shout something like: 'It isn't ready!'.

My hair floated around me as my breathing became ragged, I was so much stronger... I started to realize how much better dying is than living. I ripped myself out of the bonds tying me down, then started to attack the doctor, everything was a mix of colours, I couldn't see clearly. As I ran out of the building, I sat down next to a tree crying into my hands, my tears were black. As I screamed out, trying to make sense of something, a small figure by my thigh made me smile. It was Piction. I scooped him up in my arms and hugged him, he was so comforting at the time I decided to not care about finding our parents anymore.

I then wandered around aimlessly, wondering when I was going to find someone like me. There had to be others, right? As I was wondering, I found a forest, and in that forest was Slender's mansion and his proxies. I had no intention of becoming one, only staying there for a while. As I stayed, I'd met a guy that I liked the look of, his name is Dak. (He's got a new girlfriend now, called Midnight.) We used to have parties and be goth freaks together, until we started living together. It was a big jump, and neither of us were ready for it. The truth is, I'd just found a cool-looking abandoned house that was big enough to live in, so I asked him to move in it with me. We were pretty comfortable for a while.

On one day, while he was away at a big party in the village, I'd found out that the reason I didn't have a telepathic connection to my parents anymore was because of that weird black goop that made me into the Thorn everyone knows. It was supposed to be a toxin, or a poison, and it basically rotted away the telepathic connection to my parents. I don't know if they died in the process, I don't really care.

When Dak finally came back from the party, what happened next was a pretty awful breakup. He came back with two sluts, and he stank of beer. I left, and went to Ala's house. I'd met her beforehand and decided she'd be my backup plan if anything went wrong. She was cool with me and Piction staying, so me and him had a pretty fun time. I got a new love interest, Loki, and I still haven't told everyone my real name. Piction's is... Personal. I only made up the name Piction when I didn't want to tell Ala and her group - when I first came - the name that is sacred to me.

Well, my real name is Maria, and you'll never find out Piction's. I still have a few stories I don't want to share, like about my locket, but for now, that's all. Thanks for reading I guess.
Thorn's Backstory
There's too much of the story to include in one piece, and Thorn still wants to keep some of her secrets. So uh, enjoy I guess? The only person that might make something of this would be Brit, but she's never online. Yay.

This story is based off of a dream that I would always have, and I had it last night. I decided to write it down because I really, really like it! Oh, and I'm not making up a new character for it, just writing it down as it happened. It's not my fault if it moves too quickly or doesn't make much sense. It's a dream! (Starring me x3) Enjoy! (Hopefully)


I was normal student, sitting in my class with everyone else. When I saw a massive man, he was made of metal! (Colossus) I raised my head to look at him, and as he saw my face he immediately pulled out a pistol. As he fired it at me everything went to slow motion as I dodged the bullets, before returning to normal time. I stared at him with wide eyes, before ducking as he shot one more bullet at my head. My classmates were screaming and ducking underneath their tables, staring at the man as he walked up to me and picked me up by my collar. He smirked, carrying me out of my class and over to part of the playground equipment. It had been moved closer to my class and stood on one corner, as well as being supported with some bricks, to make the top of it go much higher than when it was square. It was only the wooden frame of what once was a rope spiderweb for me and the rest of the school to climb on.

He sat me down on the floor, leaning over me and getting way too close as he put metal cuffs on my thighs and forearms. He then attached the chains on the cuffs to the top of the adjusted square, letting me hang. I shouted at him.

What do you want from me!?”

Your powers.”

I don't have any!”

Then how did you dodge my bullets?”

I-I don't know, but I know that I can't power anything you want me to! I don't even know how to control what I did!”

You don't, your brain does.”

He just left me there, hanging, as I struggled and tried to get out of the cuffs. One was loose, I looked around, he was busy talking to some other X-men. (Wolverine, Storm and Cyclops) I wriggled out of my hand cuffs, grabbing the wooden frame as I nearly fell. I then used my free hand to unlock my foot cuffs, slowly shuffling along the top of the frame and lowering myself. Once I'd lowered myself to the middle, I dropped down, a bullet flew past my face. I screamed, and backed up, pressing my back up against the frame. I turned my head to see a gun pointed at it, I wanted to cry and scream at the same time as it was the metal man again, he chained me and put me back in my cuffs, tightening them this time.

I screamed at the top of the structure, angry and scared. That caught the other X-men's attention, as I wriggled and struggled. I used up all my energy trying to escape.

Well, that's all that happened in my dream! I can't continue it, if I haven't dreamt the rest. That's my rule. Maybe I will, if I have another one of these dreams. But at the moment I just want breakfast.

Yesterday's Dream
I have no idea, just wanted to write it down.
I'm gonna get this:…

(Very long link :O)
For Christmas so I can draw digitally without a mouse. I might even stream on Picarto.


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Alina Lucas
United Kingdom
I'm a freak that likes Creepypasta's and music!!! Feel free to do whatever you want. I'm really just a lovable geek. Anyone can talk to me! I love feedback, so feel free to leave me a comment and/or a note!

Ignore all the weird and shit stuff I upload. Most of it's for a friend anyway.

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I bet nobody remembers when I said I would start something called Whatthefuck Wednesday, where every Wednesday for a month I would upload something, anything. I've also decided to start two tag questionnaires, those will be on the 10th of the month and on the 24th. Also, I'm going to say that if I do fail to upload on time I'll say something that I think is degrading/embarrassing about myself, or maybe something else awful. I've confirmed that the Whatthefuck Wednesday's are going to happen every Wednesday in August. If I think I should continue, and have the time to continue, the Whatthefuck Wednesday's into the next month then I'll notify everyone and continue.

I'm also expecting actual feedback, even though I know that's impossible for basically every one of you, so comment!

(P.s. I swear I'm the only DA user with only one person that comments on my Deviations.)

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Character Creation
I can make a character of your choice with the dress up game/character creator of your decision, you can also describe or choose what the character should or will look like. As well as this, you can also describe loosely what you want them to wear. I should have some freedom in their design, so if you do not give me any I may deny the request.
Drawing (As well as random patterns)
Pixelated Flowey From Undertale by alinaalina804
Flower by alinaalina804
Jamia by alinaalina804
I can do Undertale art, pixelated or not, and any character of your choice.
I can also do a full coloured picture of a tulip-style flower, as well as a painting.
As well as this I can also draw any part of a human, except for hands and feet. A full human will take longer to make than only part of one. (No nudity)
I am able to draw random patterns, if you want one, and depending on simplicity it may take longer or a shorter amount of time.
Any type of fanfiction, friends, love, family love and lemons + smut. (The lemons and smut will be uploaded to my separate account lucaslucas804)

I can make a series, but that will need to be a recurring payment for each piece of the series.

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