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. by alinaalina804 . :iconalinaalina804:alinaalina804 0 0 . by alinaalina804 . :iconalinaalina804:alinaalina804 0 0 A Halloween Comission by alinaalina804
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A Halloween Comission :iconalinaalina804:alinaalina804 0 6
Thorn's Backstory
I guess I still haven't told anyone my back story in one piece, have I? Oh well
It all started when I was a normal girl, and I had blue eyes and light brown hair. I could make plants grow and live forever. Unfortunately, one girl hated me for how happy and perfect I was all the time, she's Dail. I don't know what the hell she is, some sort of monster I guess. Anyway, one day I was minding my own business and walking around with my brother To-... Piction. As we were playing Dail showed up and smirked  at us, before proceeding to attack me. I defended Piction, as a big sister should, before Dail hit me in the back of my head. I stumbled, and as I turned round, I heard my brother scream and there was a flash of white light, before I opened my eyes to see Piction as a little crow.
Instead of fighting, I went to go and check Piction was okay, like my stupid instincts were telling me. As I checked him, Dail left. I scooped him up in my hands and carried him home. My parents were so dist
:iconalinaalina804:alinaalina804 0 0
Yesterday's Dream
This story is based off of a dream that I would always have, and I had it last night. I decided to write it down because I really, really like it! Oh, and I'm not making up a new character for it, just writing it down as it happened. It's not my fault if it moves too quickly or doesn't make much sense. It's a dream! (Starring me x3) Enjoy! (Hopefully)
I was normal student, sitting in my class with everyone else. When I saw a massive man, he was made of metal! (Colossus) I raised my head to look at him, and as he saw my face he immediately pulled out a pistol. As he fired it at me everything went to slow motion as I dodged the bullets, before returning to normal time. I stared at him with wide eyes, before ducking as he shot one more bullet at my head. My classmates were screaming and ducking u
:iconalinaalina804:alinaalina804 0 0
When someone eats all your doritos by alinaalina804 When someone eats all your doritos :iconalinaalina804:alinaalina804 1 2
Taken Away
One day, Icent got up from her bed where she was healing, completely fine. Then Fleta stood too, they both looked confused, then ran to the door of the room. The door was locked, so Icent kicked it down, leading Fleta out. They both looked around, sensing something was wrong. Icent walked into Cheshire's room, then nearly fell over when she saw a young woman with pink glowing eyes staring at her. The door closed and locked itself, the woman narrowed her eyes at Icent.
"You. You need to set this place on fire. Or I'll just put you back into being sick, and then we'll see what happens to you..."
Icent slowly nodded, Fleta realizing what was happening and banging on the door to try and get in with the two females. Fleta then shouted down to Cheshire, making her run upstairs and kick the door in. The young woman spotted the two and jumped out of the window, Icent turning around, her hands were shaking and her eyes were pink. Slowly she made fire in her hand, and set the bed on fire, she th
:iconalinaalina804:alinaalina804 0 0
Embarass me by alinaalina804 Embarass me :iconalinaalina804:alinaalina804 1 4
A young woman was stalking Stitchy in an open city, Stitchy was confident that nobody could see her because she'd never been near the city before. As Stitchy passed by an alleyway, two hands grabbed her, with one over her mouth. Stitchy looked up at her attacker, then stared into two pink glowing eyes that gave off a mist, as Stitchy managed to smell the mist, she slowly fell asleep, collapsing on the ground. As she drifted off, her attacker produced a pair of pliers and pulled out one of Stitchy's teeth. Then the woman was gone, almost as if never existing. Stitchy was then later found by Cheshire and brought to safety.
The next week, Siren disappeared from the house, and only came back two days later with a horrible sickness. Cheshire, Dak and Feliss were put to caring for the injured members of the group.
Two weeks from Siren's sickness, Matilda had wondered out of the house and was enjoying herself splashing around in a river, before getting tripped up and hitting her head on a roc
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Her Eyes by alinaalina804 Her Eyes :iconalinaalina804:alinaalina804 0 0
A Mix Of Emotions
"Oh hey, what's up Cheshire?"
Jamie said as he approached the female, she was sitting on top of a wall, reading a book silently. (Un-masked of course).
"The sky."
"You know what I meant."
Cheshire didn't look up from her book as Jamie hopped up onto the wall and sat, kicking his legs.
"So is there, any chance we can...?"
By the look on Cheshire's face as she looked at him, Jamie knew he was rejected.
"I was just asking because... Uh... Would you be up to at least act like my girlfriend?"
Cheshire looked back at her book as she replied.
"Why? Did your pathetic gang say you could never get one? Because they're right."
"No, I just... Look, is it a yes or no?"
"Oh come on! It's simple, yes or no!"
"It depends why you want me to act like your girlfriend, is it just so you look cool in front of your friends? Or so that you can trick Smoke into breaking up with me?"
"Pffft, as if you even have an active relationship with him."
Cheshire shut her book, staring at Jamie angrily,
:iconalinaalina804:alinaalina804 0 0
A Strange New World Part 2
Ava curled up, in a space between two rocks, barely big enough for her body mass. May slept in one diagonally from Ava's, snoring loudly. Ava couldn't get to sleep, she was pondering about May.
'What secrets does she have? In the book it said she had someone before... Someone that died... The book! It's got clues in, like how she switched the subject so quickly from the other to something different... I should go and get that book sometime.'
Ava, overwhelmed by her thoughts, fell asleep soon enough. Suddenly, she was rudely awakened by May. May was obviously a morning person, but Ava didn't seem like one, especially after a long coma. Ava turned, May sighed, then pulled Ava out.
"Wow, Ava, you're pretty light."
"Ugh... Can't I go back to sleep?"
"Nope! C'mon, it's time for us to go and start gettin' you to learn the basics. You need a lotta energy for each day, so get used to livin' on a small breakfast."
May handed Ava an un-cooked slice of pork. Ava didn't seem to have the appetite f
:iconalinaalina804:alinaalina804 0 0
A Strange New World
Ava woke, the cold chill of the night air around her making her shiver.
She slowly climbed up and stood, her bare feet padding along the cold stone as she walked out of the small crater. Spotting a light in a cave a distance away, and believing she could find help, she ran toward the source of light. Skidding to a stop before an open chest, (and overwhelmed with a feeling of curiosity) she dug around inside and pulled out an old tattered book, titled 'Howdy Newbie!'. She read it, it being extremely strangely worded and informal.
"Powers? We have powers?"
She pondered to herself, but the massive shiver she received made her stop thinking and start walking toward the cavern in search of warmth.
"So, we're being hunted by 'them'? Weird..."
She stopped at a river, she groaned openly at the thought of walking through the ice-cold chilling stream. She jumped across, but unfortunately fell in some water either way. She was just glad she wasn't wearing any socks. Suddenly it spran
:iconalinaalina804:alinaalina804 2 0
Mature content
Abigail's Dream :iconalinaalina804:alinaalina804 0 0
Jamia by alinaalina804 Jamia :iconalinaalina804:alinaalina804 0 0
A Secret Enemy - A Hard Recovery
Taku was caught outside in the rain, restricting his ability to see properly. Flying was made even harder, so he resorted to just walking. Halfway back home, Taku was kicked in the face, he could barely see anything, and so this recent attack was the most confusing part of the rain. He put up his fists, looking around, another kick landed on the back of his head. Making him fall onto his knees, he then put a hand on the back of his head. Feeling blood, he pulled himself back up and got ready to run off. He was tripped up, making him fall onto his face and pass out. It was just blackness, with his only feeling being pain in his back.
In a few minutes, Taku's attacker had fled and Cheshire was moving toward Taku's body on the ground. She felt around his back, and was confused and horrified as she couldn't feel Taku's feathers, all she could feel was fabric. His shirt. Cheshire gasped, then picked Taku up, careful not to touch the stubs his wings used to be attached to, and carried him sl
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Nyeh by Kyovan Nyeh :iconkyovan:Kyovan 602 98 +Our Place+ by larienne +Our Place+ :iconlarienne:larienne 11,552 799 Rin Okumura by yaichino Rin Okumura :iconyaichino:yaichino 3,598 132 Realistic Cool Cat by IHEOfficial Realistic Cool Cat :iconiheofficial:IHEOfficial 771 455 ::..Drummer boy..:: by Bramblethefox ::..Drummer boy..:: :iconbramblethefox:Bramblethefox 1 1
Reclaim Ch.2 - Deadpool x Reader
“Pursuer, is that you?!”
You looked down at the man who had climbed over you, hugging you tightly, head against your chest. You blinked, tilting your head lightly. Pursuer, you? No, you were not-
You felt unfamiliar burning in your hands, but ignored it for the time being, as you wrapped your arms around the man. It happened because of your knowledge of the connection between the man and his friend. You didn’t even stop to think about how he got into your apartment, or where exactly he was rubbing his face against. You felt so much sympathy for him, that you’d break it to him later on. Hugging him tight, you felt the light bumps of his scars, coming to realize that it was indeed the real Deadpool.
You were about to tell him that he got the wrong person, when you felt something tickle at your neck. You blinked your eyes open, noticing the fluffy coat wrapped around you. You most definitely weren’t wearing a coat exactly like
:iconkyoteichu:Kyoteichu 127 26
Yandereplier by SimplEagle Yandereplier :iconsimpleagle:SimplEagle 619 44 TOTES ADORBZ - Portrait of Ethan Klein by Laovaan TOTES ADORBZ - Portrait of Ethan Klein :iconlaovaan:Laovaan 759 55 Halloween by Kyovan
Mature content
Halloween :iconkyovan:Kyovan 610 33
Classiplier 2016 by SimplEagle Classiplier 2016 :iconsimpleagle:SimplEagle 689 26 ronnie radke by 607 ronnie radke :icon607:607 88 107 Rotten to the Core by kawacy Rotten to the Core :iconkawacy:kawacy 13,345 293 Mister Death by Sarqq Mister Death :iconsarqq:Sarqq 188 9 Pussy Cats by Sarqq Pussy Cats :iconsarqq:Sarqq 95 7 LawLight, Death Note  by lilyloveshadow LawLight, Death Note :iconlilyloveshadow:lilyloveshadow 5 0
For Life SmokexCheshire ThunderxViper
Smoke looked at Janette with pure hatred towards her. Thunder came to his side, both desperate to protect the one they love. Smoke glanced at the Bush Cheshire was in.
No. This BITCH isn't gonna take her to fuck knows where...Not without going through me!
Smoke's eyes narrowed, a growl like sound coming from him, at the same time Thunder released his own growl.
No one's gonna hurt Smoke or Viper! Especially not Viper! I won't let them!!
Beside him Smoke could see Thunder quiver in rage for a moment. Smoke focused his attention on Janette.
"No one is going to get past me. Nor will I stand down. I won't go down without a fight!" he practically growled it out, doing nothing to hide his hatred.
"Then Teleportation." The woman, Janette, went between Smoke and Thunder and grab Cheshire and was back to where she was before in the span of less than 5 seconds. This only pissed Thunder and Smoke off. Thunder moved just as fast and darted forward with a feral growl, he slamme
:iconkittandragon:Kittandragon 2 3


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If you like my stories then go look at my Wattpad account because I'm not gonna upload here anymore. I rarely go on this account to do shit so... If you want to see me being active then go here:…

(By the way my most active story is BTS related you little shitlets)
Can I just fucking kill myself already.

I have no reason to be alive.
Anyone that stumbles upon my account is going to probably leave very quickly unless they have a certain sense of humor.
Did you know I can do this now? Fun huh. I can teach you how but I cba unless you're the chosen one. Also this writing has no purpose at all.
Cba titles are boring and the writing is too
I honestly don't even know anymore. I'm just posting random shit, feel free to un-watch me unless I'm amusing. (Which I'm not.)
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Ignore all the weird and shit stuff I upload. Most of it's for a friend anyway.
If you like my stories then go look at my Wattpad account because I'm not gonna upload here anymore. I rarely go on this account to do shit so... If you want to see me being active then go here:…

(By the way my most active story is BTS related you little shitlets)


I can make a mashup of someone's face/an object from a picture of your choice. (Must send me the picture first.) I can also write whatever text you want, whatever colour, font and font size that you want. I can basically just make one of my newest Deviations but with picture(s) and text of your choice.

(It really isn't worth 10 points but it's the lowest I can put the price.)
Any type of fanfiction, friends, love, family love and lemons + smut. (The lemons and smut will be uploaded to my separate account lucaslucas804)

I can make a series, but that will need to be a recurring payment for each piece of the series.

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